immigration laws - tips and information that can help

immigration laws - tips and information that can help

Retaining An Immigration Attorney When Facing Possible Deportation

by Charlotte Perez

The idea of being deported back to your home country can be your worst nightmare. You could face violence and threats to your life. You also do not have the opportunity to improve your life or make as much money as you do in the United States. However, when you face deportation, you need to do everything legally possible to remain here. You can launch a defense to convince a judge to decide in your favor by hiring an experienced immigration attorney.

Apologizing for Criminal Offenses

When you have committed a crime, you put yourself at risk of being deported. The immigration authorities have an obligation to remove threats to public safety. Instead of allowing you to remain in the country, they may decide to send you back home.

However, you may be able to convince the court to avoid deporting you if you show enough remorse during your court appearances. Your immigration attorney can argue for you and show the court that you are sorry for the crime that you committed. They can prove to the court that you have taken action, such as going to therapy or completing community service, to reform your behavior and avoid committing the same or similar crimes in the future.

Pursuing Citizenship

Another reason to hire an immigration attorney involves pursuing citizenship. When you are facing deportation, you may be able to stave off being sent back home by beginning the process of becoming a lawful citizen. Your immigration attorney can start the paperwork that allows you to apply formally to become a citizen. They can submit proof of your identity and fill out the application for you. They can also advise you on when and how to appear in court and what answers to give to the judge to convince the court to allow you to stay and not be deported.

Finally, your immigration attorney can help you renew your visa as often as needed to remain in the country. You can also have your attorney file for a change in your visa status as necessary to stay compliant with the current laws.

An immigration attorney can provide helpful services to help you avoid deportation. They can argue for why you should remain even after you commit a crime. Your lawyer can also begin the citizenship application process and help you renew your visa. Reach out to an immigration attorney in your area to learn more. 


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immigration laws - tips and information that can help

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