immigration laws - tips and information that can help

immigration laws - tips and information that can help

Different Types Of Immigration Visas

by Charlotte Perez

People should have the right to choose where they live, including people born outside of the United States who want to live in America. Immigrants should learn the different visa options available to them. An immigration lawyer can explain the requirements of each option and which route will be the best option for the individual.

Student Visa

Many schools around the world offer student exchange programs in America. These students will need a student visa that allows them to study here. The student will need to stay in school in order to keep the visa active. The student visa is temporary. The visa holder may need to look into alternative options once the student visa expires. 

Marriage Visa

The government understands how important it is to keep a family together. If a foreigner gets engaged or married to an American, the American can file for a fiance or spousal visa. The couple will need to verify their relationship with the government. The foreigner will also require a sponsor who will be responsible for the immigrant financially for ten years. If the immigrant files for government assistance during this time, the government can sue the sponsor for the cost. 

Employment Visa

One of the most common types of visas is an employment visa. The employer will sponsor the employee while they work toward permanent residency. Due to the number of visa applications, employment visas are offered based on priority. The government prioritizes advanced degrees, such as doctorates, before unskilled workers. 

Investor Visa

At the end of the day, business runs everything. That's why the government offers investor visas specifically designed for people who intend to come to the country to invest in American corporations. These visas get priority and get processed more quickly than some other visas. 

Visa for Individuals of Extraordinary Ability or Achievement

There's also a special visa available for people who demonstrate extraordinary ability or achievement. These visas get the highest priority of them all. This visa facilitates the immigration of creators, athletes, and scientists. This visa is sometimes referred to as the "Einstein visa." It has a high approval rate since only the most accomplished applicants qualify. 

There are many additional visas available. There are also subsections of each of these visa categories. It can all get a little overwhelming at first to know where you fit. Employment immigration lawyers and family immigration lawyers can make the process a little less complicated. 


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immigration laws - tips and information that can help

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