immigration laws - tips and information that can help

immigration laws - tips and information that can help

3 Reasons You Should Hire An Immigration Attorney

by Charlotte Perez

You may have decided to move to the United States to pursue better opportunities for education or employment, or you may have fallen in love with an American citizen and decided to live together in their home country. No matter your reason, you now need to go through the visa application process. Whatever your situation, there are many ways that an immigration attorney can benefit you. Here are three reasons you should hire an immigration lawyer today:

1. Your visa application was denied.

The US government reserves the right to deny visa applications if it deems the applicant is inadmissible to the country. According to NOLO, you may be found inadmissible if you have certain mental or physical illnesses, if you've been convicted of certain crimes, or if you've previously been caught entering the country under false pretenses. If your application was denied on grounds of inadmissibility, an immigration attorney can help you appeal your case. Waivers are sometimes granted to applicants who meet certain criteria, and your lawyer can help you navigate this process.

2. You find the process difficult.

Applying for a visa or green card is a complicated process. You'll need to fill out many forms and provide complete and accurate information about yourself and your background. When so much depends on the success of your application, it makes sense that you want to do everything correctly. If you have a hard time understanding the forms you need to fill out, an immigration lawyer can assist you. They can draft your paperwork for you, and they can also ensure that your application is filed in a timely manner, in accordance with all deadlines.

3. You're facing deportation.

The prospect of deportation is a frightening one. Even if you're a permanent resident of the United States, you can still be removed from the country if you're convicted of certain crimes, such as smuggling non-citizens into the country, aggravated felony, or drug possession. If you've been wrongfully accused of a crime, an immigration lawyer can help you by representing you before an immigration judge. If you're being threatened with deportation, the first thing you should do is contact a lawyer immediately.

Although the immigration process can be lengthy and confusing, you can get though it with the help of a skilled attorney. Let a lawyer experienced in immigration law guide you through the process. The sooner you begin your application, the sooner you can call yourself a permanent resident or naturalized citizen of the United States of America.

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immigration laws - tips and information that can help

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